Spawn System Lite (




Item Pack Version 1.1.2

31.12.2022 21:20

- Some items were missing

Item Pack Version 1.1.1

31.12.2022 21:17

- Garage Hacking Item

Spawn System Lite Version 2.6.2

20.12.2022 16:33

- opening the Admin Menu twice would crash the client
- fixed game crash when in spawn menu and server closes
- Sleeping Bags inventory could not be accessed when placed inside buildings

Spawn System Lite Version 2.6.1

30.11.2022 23:08

- If Player does not have enough money for spawning at a spawnpoint, it will be colored red
- Added Option show_cost_in_spawnmenu in Config to hide the Cost of Spawns. It's also disabled by default when no spawns cost any money
- Small chance Random Spawns would sometimes not work when too many spawns are unavailable

Spawn System Lite Version 2.6.0

13.11.2022 14:15

- Spawns can cost Money (spawnCost in SpawnSelectConfig.json)
- Bed respawns can cost Money per sleeping Bag group (spawnCost in SleeingBagConfig.json)
- Added Spawn cost can be changed in Admin menu
- Money will be removed from ATM (Enhanced Banking supported by default. Other ATMs must implement 5 Methods in LB_ATM_Playerbase)
- New Option to also remove Money when spawning at random positions (off by default. Random spawns will not cost any money) Be aware, that players might not be able to respawn when no spawn for 0 cost exists
- Message for players when they placed a sleeping Bag
- added uncaimOldestBagIfLimitReached for each Sleeping Bag group to allow exceeding the Bag Limit and the oldest used sleeping bag will be unclaimed. Disabled by default and player will need to pack the Sleeping bags before placing a new one
- Warning message after placing a sleeping bag and limit was exceeded, that the oldest sleeping bag was unclaimed
- Added new Button in Admin Menu to place a spawn point at the players position. You might want to enable spawn exact position then.
- Added new Option timeoutNearBagsDistance to timeout any sleeping bag owned by the player in the area the player spawned when using a sleeping bag to allow timeouting all sleeping bags in a base without having to timeout all Bags with timeoutAllPlacedBags
- timeoutAllPlacedBags was timeouting all Sleeping Bags of a player instead of only the Sleeping Bags in the same config group