Upload your Server Logo or drop it here:

Make sure to sign the PBO with the DayZ tools before you upload it to your Serverpack. All PBOs need a .bisign file ( Signature) to prevent client kicks for modified client data. The path for the config will be LB_Server_Logo/gui/images/logo.paa or LB_Server_Logo/gui/images/logo.edds depending on the file you uploaded The uploaded image must already be in the edds or paa format. Here is a small guide for how to convert an ingame to the paa format.
  1. Open TexView.exe (...\steamapps\common\DayZ Tools\Bin\ImageToPAA\TexView.exe)
  2. Drag the Logo you want to convert into TexView
  3. Click on File -> Save as and select Textures (*.paa, *.pac) and name it logo.paa
  4. Upload the saved file here