DayZ Mods

- DayZ Party System with Map, Compass, GPS and Chat.
- Highly configurable and many features.
- Easily configure skins on your server
- Manage who can use which skin
- Place reskin and repair workbenches at traders or spawn them to be placed in the players base
- Virtual Garage for all Vehicles
- Personal Garage can be setup in own Base
- Limit how many items players can place.
- Limit players, groups or territories
- compatible with the most common Basebuilding mods
- Graphical Killfeed to display killfeed messages ingame
- Display Messages in Chat and Discord
- Counts various types of kills
- Ingame Leaderboard to display your Top Players.
- Synced Data from CF Cloud.
- Edit which Stats you want to show just by editing a config.

- CF Cloud Account with a payed subscription required !

- DayZ Banking mod with all basic features.
- Mobile Admin ATM, Robbable ATMs, Credit Cards, Paychecks and more.
- 4 Different ATM Models.
- Simple Spawn Select with intuitive UI
- Help Players get the Spawn they want
- Bed Respawn with Sleeping Bags
- All Items, which I have created for DayZ.
- Repack is allowed.
- You are not allowed to sell any files in this Pack. Use this pack as dependency instead
- Automatically Kick AFK Players after inactive for x minutes.
- Custom warning messages.
- Keep safezones free of AFK Players.
- Simple Earplugs to reduce ingame sound.
- Repacking in own Serverpack allowed.
- Mark compatible items in players inventory.
- Help finding the correct attachment for modded weapons or inexperienced Players.

TheBuster Mods

Fill basic needs like pee, poo and body hygienic
A Mod to carry dead players.
A mod to revive dead players.
- Use house as home. Buy, sell, extend and lock your house.
- Share your house and house inventory with your friends.
- Protect your house with an alarm system and respawn in your house.
- Give a daily reward to your players.
- Monetarise your server with premium rewards