Better Inspect

Better Inspect DayZ Mod
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Version 1.0.1 - stable

07.12.2023 12:06

- compatibility with Expansion Hardline

Version 1.0.0 - stable

07.12.2023 10:22

- Inspect Menu now displays more stats about the item you are inspecting (vest stats, compatible magazines, ammo types, extra quick bar slots, resulting rags, and more)
- No longer displaying "disinfected" for all items



  • We all love the new Weapons of all the great modders out there, but what we hate is, that we are still unable to remember which weapon needed which ammo and takes which magazine or any other attachment
  • This Mod will help you finding the right attachments for all of your weapons.
  • It also highlights all items of the same type to make it easy to find small items flying around in your inventory or tents of your base.
  • To highlight an item just hover over the item with your mouse and press the configured Button (B as default).
  • Items of the same type will appear in orange and compatible items in yellow.
  • This will work for all items held in your Hands, in your invetory and items in tents, barrels etc.