Killfeed DayZ Mod
Setup Work: LowNo Wipe
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Killfeed 50.00€

License Type: One time Payment for Unlimited


Version 0.2.1 - stable

23.01.2024 16:07

- Bot names to messages
- Display Weapon and Weapon Name were added to the admin menu
- option to ignore bot kills for webhooks
- Player Tag and name were swapped for the victims

Version 0.2.0 - stable

18.12.2023 19:15

- Save custom dynamic textures and show them in the killfeed
- new playercolors.json for custom killfeed message colors for players
- Layouts are now scaling depending on playername length
- displayKillDistance would not work

Version 0.1.11 - stable

07.12.2023 18:03

  • forgot to move some more code to the Core PBO

Version 0.1.10 - stable

07.12.2023 17:03

  • moved last player names to core pbo

Version 0.1.9 - stable

02.12.2023 18:55

- compatibility with new Core PBO
- nullpointer in TrapBase class when server stops



  • All Killfeed messages will be logged to the LBmaster Log
  • ingame graphical killfeed
  • enable / disable if kill distance should be displayed
  • show group Tags supported for Advanced Groups and Expansion Groups
  • options to anonymize killer and / or victim name and replace the name with \"a player\"
  • options to delay messages
  • option to change how long ingame messages will be displayed
  • Display all of the following types of death:
  • Fists, Melee, Ranged Weapon
  • Traps, Grenades
  • Vehicle
  • Starvation, bleeding, drowning, falling, suicide
  • Zombies, animals
  • All different types of death can be enabled / disabled
  • Store last playernames to also display it when player is offline like players setup a trap
  • detect teamkills
  • option to toggle if bots should be counted
  • log killstreaks
  • enable / disable indicator how loud the weapon of the killer was (silenced / low / medium / high). This counts silencer attachments and integrated silencers like the VSS
  • change victim and killer color
  • weapon magazines displayed properly
  • weapons are always rotated facing towards the victim. Some weapons are not properly rotated by default
  • use group tag color to overwrite the killer and victim colors if set
  • Discord Webhooks
  • Change if kill message should be displayed in chat and / or with the graphical killfeed feature
  • fade in and out animation
  • only show kill message in certain radius around killer and victim (similar to direct chat)