TB Basic Needs

TB Basic Needs DayZ Mod

TB Basic Needs 50.00€

License Type: One time Payment for Unlimited


Version 2.0.2 - stable

29.11.2023 16:04

- belt will not clean in washing machine
- clothes will become wet, when they are washed in clear water

Version 2.0.1 - stable

18.11.2023 09:18

Washing Machine is to fast

Version 2.0.0 - stable

17.11.2023 13:06

Use new TBLib version

Version 1.7.1 - exp

30.10.2023 18:00

Add debug prints

Version 1.7.0 - stable

27.10.2023 15:23

Add TBNCanisterGasoline as alternativ for Jerry Can

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  • Player has to make poo and pee, if he did not and you have configured, player will loos blood and health
  • Pee and Poo will make body and clothing dirty
  • Player can clean his body and clothing
  • Player can bury in and out poo and pee
  • new Item added "TB_Soap"
  • Soap increase the cleaning effect for body
  • different cleaning effects on different water sources
  • player can clean clothing and body on all water sources
  • clothes will be wet after cleaning
  • player needs to dress up, to clean himself
  • player can only clean clothes when he has it in his hands
  • if player or clothes are max dirty, zombies and animals will smell him earlier
  • if player is dirty, flies will be around him


If you need any support, please open a ticket here


This is a standalone mod, no dependencies required.