Enhanced Item Restrictions

Enhanced Item Restrictions DayZ Mod

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Enhanced Item Restrictions 50.00€

License Type: One time Payment for Unlimited


Version 0.1.3 - stable

13.11.2023 15:28

- 1.23 Update caused some items not being registered when placed down. Unfortunately all items already placed will not be picked up after restart and stay not registered

Version 0.1.2 - stable

06.11.2023 12:02

- Attachments restrictions would not be picked up when Territory Flags were destroyed and built up again

Version 0.1.1 - stable

18.10.2023 14:49

- Editing restrictions and saving the config would cause all restrictions to show 0/x. This was only a visual bug
- Restrictions added in the admin menu would not be properly registered without extra server restarts

Version 0.1.0 - stable

17.10.2023 14:31

- possible nullpointer when server starts
- Ingame Admin menu to fully customize the configs ingame
- Option to disable certain crafting recipes like Wooden Crates, which can also not properly restricted. This is enabled as an example by default. You can remove it if you want players to be able to craft these wooden crates
- Fix for Barrels could not be restricted. Players will not be able to open the barrel unless it was placed via the place object action. If they want to open it and the barrel was dropped and not placed via the action, they will see an error message "Item needs to be placed and not dropped to open !". This is only active if an restriction entry for the Barrel exists in the config. Otherwise players will still be able to use barrels without having to use the place object action.
- option useMemberCountAsGroupLevel to use the member count as levels for the restrictions (since levels usually start with 0 and member counts only make sense for at least 1 player, you need to add one 0th level for each of the restrictions !)
Known Issues:
- Codelocks could remain at the door after raiding with breaching charge C4

Version 0.0.7 - stable

19.09.2023 00:36

- option useMemberCountAsGroupLevel
- attachments restricted by Groups would be dropped on server restart



  • Restrict Players how many items they can place on the map
  • Restrictions can be per player, per group (Advanced Groups required) or per plotpole
  • Works with all popular Basebuilding mods
  • Can restrict Attachments like codelocks
  • You can increase restrictions per level (Group level or any other level. This requires extra scripting work)
  • Works with any Plotpole Item
  • Restrictions are shown when getting close to a plotpole for the plotpole limits and in the Map UI for Player and Group limits
  • Options to hide / show the map where the items are placed
  • Option to hide / show player location on the restrictions map


Installing and uninstalling this mod will require a full Map wipe ! Without a wipe no data about who placed which items would be present and the mod would not properly work. So if you installed the mod and your server doesn not start anymore, make sure to wipe your server