Utility Workbenches

Utility Workbenches DayZ Mod
Setup Work: LowNo WipeTypes.xml RequiredStable
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Utility Workbenches 30.00€

License Type: One time Payment for Unlimited


Version 1.2.0 - stable

21.02.2024 23:50

- Ammo types can be scolled to allow more than 4 ammo types. Max is 16 ammo types now

Version 1.1.1 - stable

22.12.2023 00:13

- Repair Menu could not be opened
- added a bit more logging for admins

Version 1.1.0 - stable

21.12.2023 01:29

- don't attempt to fill an already full mag
- Ammo would be lost on static Ammo Workbenches or when the workbench is full instead of adding the ammo to the player
- nullpointer when looking at repair or ammo workbench without item in the hands
- Placing Ammo workbench and Repair workbench would only place the box there instead of the workbench itself, making it impossible to place it down
- logging to admin log for fill and empty action
- Checking for empty inventory before allowing packing of the Ammo Workbench

Version 1.0.1 - stable

20.12.2023 13:12

- Configs are now stored in the UtilityWorkbenches config folder. All configs are moved there automatically
- Logging Name is now "UtilityWorkbenches"

Version 1.0.0 - stable

20.12.2023 11:22

- Repair Workbench
- Ammo Fill / empty workbench with internal storage of 70 Slots



Repair System

  • Repair Workbench to repair items to a certain health level, which can be configured
  • configure if ruined items can be repaired
  • set max health of items, which will be indicated by a red bar when opening the repair menu
  • Setup Repair Workbench at Traders or spawn them in the world or sell them at the Trader for the players base
  • setup cost per repaired item, hp or percent repaired.
  • setup cost multiplier for certain items to make repairing things like weapons more expensive or other items free to repair

    Ammo Workbench

  • 70 Slots of Storage
  • Only accepts Ammo for storage
  • Quick Load and Empty Magazines with simple UI
  • Sounds for quickload and unload
  • Show available ammo types to load and the quantity in a UI (e.g. normal and tracer ammo) to let the players decide what to load into the mag