TB Second Hand Market

TB Second Hand Market DayZ Mod
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TB Second Hand Market 60.00€

License Type: One time Payment for Unlimited


Version 1.0.0 - stable

23.05.2024 21:15

Version 1.0.0

Version 0.4.2 - stable

14.05.2024 18:39

Resize UI Texts

Version 0.4.1 - stable

13.05.2024 20:35

fix scroll in bulletin board

Version 0.4.0 - stable

10.05.2024 21:05

- Add Bulletin Board (type TBSHMBulletinBoard) where Players can get an overview for all published offers
- Players can publish the stall to Bulletin Board at Stall
- Players can add Navigation Markers from Bulletin Board to find the Stall
- Player can Manage the Navigation Markers at Bulletin Bord and at all Stalls
- Add Admin Functions at Bulletin Board:
- Teleport to Stall
- delete Offers/Orders
- Added new Config (https://github.com/ihr-it-projekt/DayZModsInfo/blob/main/TBSecondHandMarket/Configs/BulletinBoard.md)

- Resolve Mod Conflicts when player placing stalls, stall was not correct placed
- Admin Config was not correct reloaded with reload button
- fixed some null pointers

Version 0.3.0 - stable

04.05.2024 14:12

  • Add delete Stall Button for Admins
    - Add missing translations



The concept of that Mod is that players buy a stall at stall trader. They can place their stall and put the orders or offers in. There will come a bullet point board where other players get an overview of the offers and orders and a navigation help to that stall..




If you need any support, please open a ticket here: https://discord.gg/kGjN6gJy3m

Shared Features (On Global or Player Stalls)

  • Logging on Discord or CSV File
    • Buy a Stall
    • Place a Stall
    • Remove a Stall
    • Add an Offer
    • Add an Order
    • Remove an Offer
    • Remove an Order
    • Sell Item
    • Buy Item
    • Add Money to (Global) Stall
    • Remove Money from (Global) Stall
  • Can trade any item or vehicle
  • Blacklist for items that can not be traded
  • Players can
    • create offers for items
    • create orders for items
    • can take money into and from global stall
    • can take filled orders from global stall
    • can buy items
    • can sell items
    • can manage there markers at bulletin board and (Global) stall
  • Bulletin Board
    • Central Point to see all offers and orders
    • Players can create markers to offer/order
  • Admin can
    • reload configs at global stall and stall dealer
    • delete offers/orders at bulletin board and at global stall
    • teleport from bulletin board to global stall

Global Stall

  • 4 different Global Stall Models
  • You can place multiple global stalls at different locations
  • Global Stalls can share there offers and orders between other global stalls
  • Global Stall offers and orders can be seen at the bulletin board
  • orders and offers have a lifetime
  • Premium Features
    • Premium Users can have more slots at global stall
    • Premium Users can pay fewer for slots
    • Premium Users orders and offers can have more lifetime
  • Configuration
    • Global Stall Points
    • Shared Global Stall Storage
    • Slot Prices
    • Free Slots for Player
    • max. Slots for Player
    • lifetime of orders and offers

Individual Stalls

  • 4 different Stall Models
  • 4 different Stall Dealer Models
  • Premium Feature
    • Premium Users can pay less for buying a Market Stall
    • Premium Users can have more placed Market Stalls at same time
    • Premium Users can have more slots in their Market Stalls
    • if premium status changed, the values to already stalls/stall kit that player have, will adapt
    • Premium Users can pay less for publishing on Bulletin Board
  • Configuration
    • max. Stalls per Player
    • max Stalls per Server
    • Blacklist for items that can not be traded
    • (optional) Whitelisted Areas for placing Market Stalls
    • Slot counts of Stalls
    • Lifetime of Stalls
    • Price of Stalls
  • Players
    • publish stall at bulletin board
  • Admin
    • can access all Stalls and manage them
    • can reload the config and data at Market Stall dealer
    • can manage and delete stalls


This is a standalone mod, no dependencies required.