Enhanced Banking

Enhanced Banking DayZ Mod

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Version 1.11.9 - stable

06.11.2023 11:27

- Some Placeholders were wrong in the default config

Version 1.11.8 - stable

17.10.2023 14:33

  • Compatibility patch for new Core Version

Version 1.11.7 - stable

23.06.2023 22:59

- Admin Menu would overwrite maxMoneyRobbedFromDepositedMoney with the value of staticMinRobbedCash

Version 1.11.6 - exp

24.05.2023 15:40

  • Compatibility with new Core PBO and 1.21

Version 1.11.5 - stable

19.04.2023 21:58

- preview Item was not deleted from 0,0,0



  • Easy import from Deadcraft's Banking or Advanced Banking by setting one option in the config (Mod does not need to be loaded for that)
  • Pesonal Bank account
  • Option to Rob ATMs
  • Group Bank Account (requires Advanced Groups)
  • Option to required a Credit Card
  • Robbing ATMs depends either on luck or on how much money was deposited there (controllable via Config)
  • When robbing an ATM you must stay within a Radius, but you can still defend yourself
  • Option to announce when Player robbes an ATM and also mark it on the map
  • Works without a Trader Mod and with custom currencies (default are from the Trader mod)
  • Multipe ATM variantes included
  • Option to easily add your Own Models by letting the Object inherit LB_ATM_Base