Advanced Groups (




Advanced Groups Version 1.14.1

05.09.2023 13:26

- Players joining a secondary group would not be marked as offline in his primary group and other desync issues
Known Issues:
- Players could not be kicked from the primary group when currently in a secondary group

Advanced Groups Version 1.14.0

05.09.2023 10:44

- Players can join a secondary group now (Added allowJoinSecondGroupTemporarily to the MainConfig.json). This can either be
- until they leave the group / get kicked (removeTemporaryMemberOnServerStart: 0 and removeTemporaryMemberOnPlayerLeave: 0)
- until they leave the server (server restart also counts as leaving the server) (removeTemporaryMemberOnPlayerLeave: 1)
- until the server restarts (removeTemporaryMemberOnServerStart: 1 and removeTemporaryMemberOnPlayerLeave: 0)
- Admins could not add new channels via the ingame admin menu
- Admins could not add new prefixes via the ingame admin menu
- plotpoles could not be placed sometimes

Advanced Groups Version 1.13.5

04.09.2023 09:12

- chat config and prefix adding ingame was not working
- "group.ignoretimeout" to ignore group join and create timeouts. To skip the timeout, the Admin needs to have Admin mode enabled. Otherwise he will be treated as a normal player
- Added function bool IsPersistent() to overwrite in the LBGroup class to make a certain group persistent via script. There is no config option for this. This means the group is never deleted for all members leaving or being inactive

Core Version 0.0.20

04.09.2023 09:11

Core Version 0.0.19

04.09.2023 09:04

Prepare for other mod updates

Advanced Groups Version 1.13.4

02.09.2023 17:50

- Moved some configs from old config management to new config management via the LBmaster Core PBO. This should not be noticeable
- simple script overwrite to set the highest and lowest level of groups depending on their group tag allowing to have different permissions for some groups like Event groups, Police groups etc.
- Option disableMarkerPlacement in the mainconfig.json to disable marker placement

Core Version 0.0.18

02.09.2023 17:44

  • Changed some config related stuff for the Advanced Groups update

Advanced Groups Version 1.13.3

01.09.2023 20:46

- compile error

Advanced Groups Version 1.13.2

01.09.2023 20:33

- Added option to overwrite placed Flagpole via script

Advanced Groups Version 1.13.1

01.09.2023 11:55

- compatibility changed for Enhanced Item Restrictions