Advanced Groups (




Advanced Groups Version 1.8.1

18.10.2022 17:28

-Exposed more LBGroupManager Functions
-Webhook Messages for all Three Chat Channels

Advanced Groups Version 1.8.0

18.10.2022 10:25

- Optimized how lines are drawn for no build zones to increase FPS
- Placing too many no build zones (50+) would no longer kill Client FPS
- Groups will no longer be saved when nothing could have changed, because no player was online
- Delayed Group .bin save by 500ms to avoid then being saved at the same time and possibly get both corrupted
- Webhooks can be configured for various different Actions like Group Creation and Group Deleted etc.
- Circles can be added to Global Markers
- Change the Radius, color when placing a global marker or editing and existing one as admin
- Circles can have a Color, Radius and if they should have lines inside of them or not
- New Timeout.json. Handles Group Join Timeouts to prevent players from constantly changing groups. Disabled by default
- enableTimeout to enable the timeout handler
- timeoutDifferentGroupDurationSeconds timeout before a player is able to join a different group. Timeouts start every time a player Joins a group
- timeoutSameGroupDurationSeconds timeout before a player can join back into the same group he just left. Only the last group will be saved.
- No Build Zone Circle Color can be changed in the NoBuildZones.json. Added circleColorR, circleColorG, circleColorB
- Mesage in Server scriptlog if a Group could not be recovered from .bin Backup files and automatically deleting them, because there is no way of recovering anything then
- Included Player Camera Angle (same as the one from the GPS) in the info when copying the Player Coordinates on the Info Page
- Slider Widgets would not show the current value of the slider
- Server/Client Crash when players placed markers with special names. This could even cause the server to instantly crash again after starting
- Client could crash when zooming too far into the map
- KOTH Markers were not displayed
- Disable Chat PBO was not working

Advanced Groups Version 1.7.4

16.10.2022 16:15

Possible Flagpole fixes

Advanced Groups Version 1.7.3

17.08.2022 22:14

Included Optional Plugins in Pack