Advanced Groups

Advanced Groups DayZ Mod

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Advanced Groups 150.00€

License Type: One time Payment for 1 Server
Additional DayZ Server Instances are 50€ each

Advanced Groups 30.00€

License Type: 2 Week Testversion for 1 Server
Upgrade for 120€ later


Group System

• Highly Optimized and constantly updated to be compatible with other Mods and for the best Server Performance possible
• Clannames & Clantag
• Invite Players
• Invite Players for one Serverperiod
• Hierarchy Clansystem
• Subgroups | Firegroups
• Leveling of Groups | Subgroups
• Playerlist & Squadlist
• Groupmembers on Map
• Groupmembers in 3D Ingame
• Groupmembers Logout postion on map
• Groupmembers Logout postion in 3D Ingame
• Playerlist with all Group Members, their health and distance
• Cleanup of inactive Groups (time can be changed in the Server config)

Powerful Adminmenu

• Overview of all Groups on your Server
• Inspect Each Group
• See all Group Markers
• Change Group name and Tag
• Level up / down any group
• See all Group Members (name and Steamid + easy copy function), promote, demote, kick them or set them as leader
• Delete groups with one click
• Join any group you want (e.g. for support)
• Highly customizable Permission System for each Admin

Map & Markers

• Map by LBmaster
• Group Markers
• Private Markers
• Add Static Server Markers Ingame easily (Admin)
• Add Temporary Server Markers Ingame easily (Admin)
• Wide range of different and RGB colorised icons
• Various combination of disable/enable Functions of Markers
• High customizable settings (Distance | 3D | 2D)
• Cycle through different 3D visibility presets by pressing K
• Drag Markers to change their positions on the map
• Edit Markers to Change name, Color and icon by double leftclicking the Marker or via the Marker Tab

Basic Information Panel

• Serverlogo
• 6x configurable Buttons + Subtext + Hyperlink
• Playercount
• Ingametime
• Servertime (Location)
• Cursor Coordinates

Compass & Tactical Ping

• Tactical Ping with automatic clearing & 1x limitation
• Compass
• Shows Player direction
• Shows Tactical Ping direction
• Custom icon for every player to make it easier to identify who created the ping

Client Settings Page

• Change color of Player Markers
• Change color Compass
• Change color of Playerlist
• Change Chat Position
• Change Playerlist Position
• Toggle GPS, Compass, Streamer Mode, Playerlist etc.
• Change Position of Teammates 3D Marker (Head, Stomach, Feet)
• Change Player 3D Marker (toggle Icon, Name and Distance)
• Change Ping Marker Icon size


• Groupchat for Groups
• Globalchat
• Option for Default Channel when Client joins
• Auto Censor Bad words from a bad words list in the config (disabled by default)
• Shows Clantags in Chat while writing
• Highlights Ingame Admin & Support messages
• Configure different Groups for Chat (e.g Admin, Support, VIP....)
• Configure different colors for Servermessages and chat
• Admins can mute single players for a specified time or even the whole chat
• Groups can have custom colored Clan Tags (can be set in the Admin Panel)


• Small Minimap centered on the player
• Player Marker shows direction of the player
• Option to display Coordinates, Direction (0° - 360°) and current Speed
• Configure if an Item (like Compass) is required to have the GPS open
• Configure if the should be a GPS present in vehicles like Cars
• Force GPS to only work in vehicle to help players navigate
• Change size of the Minimap in Client Settings
• Minimap shows all Markers, which are visible on the 2D Map
• Toggle GPS by pressing B


• Clan Clothing
• System which automatically assigns a player his Clanclothes
• Automatically changes the texture if a external player wears the Clanclothes
• Works with all items, that can be retextured and can be picked up by a player


• Banking
• Private Banking Mod
• Clanbank | Bank for Groups
• 4 Different Models with different variants
• Easy import from other Banking mods by setting one option in the config to 1
• Configurable with Levelsystem
• Credit Card System (lockable with Pins and max Money) interesting for RP Servers
• Paychecks
• Enable ATM Robbing
• Robbing Cooldown and Locked ATM after robbing
• Public Message when Robbing started
• Min Players for robbing
• Player needs to stay within a certain radius for robbing instead of having to perform a continuous action
• Admin Panel to change settings Live
• Admin ATM, which can be opened anywhere you want
• Transfer Money to other Players (unclear if possible atm)

DLC - Flag Pole Extension

• Extension for the Vanilla Flagpole (no new item is added)
• Change the Radius player can build (Cylinder shaped radius)
• Restrict access only for Group Members
• Players with lower ranks cannot build in the area
• Hostile Players cannot build (if configured)
• Add exceptions e.g. for C4
• Force Players to build a Flagpole before being able to build basebuilding objects
• Option to enable instant build of the Flagpole
• Option to automatically add a Flag and raise the Flag when Flagpole built
• Automatically add a new Marker on the Map when Flagpole placed
• Allow admins to bypass any build restrictions
• Compatible with BBP (disable BBP builtin territory System !)

DLC - Panels & Others (WIP)

• DLC - Panels
• Playertab with Playerinformations
• 1x Information Tabs to show Rules & more
• Missions (not sure if possible atm)
• Clan makes 10 Kills until 24:00 gets reward XY
• & more