Advanced Groups

Advanced Groups DayZ Mod
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Advanced Groups 30.00€

License Type: 2 Week Testversion for 1 Server
Upgrade for 120€ later

Advanced Groups 150.00€

License Type: One time Payment for 1 Server
Additional DayZ Server Instances are 50€ each


Version 2.0.7 - stable

03.05.2024 16:52

- circles were not calculated properly on some screen resolutions
- groups not saved when the Data folder did not exist
- Left Panel on the Map now stays the same size also on wider screens for a cleaner look

Version 2.0.6 - stable

01.05.2024 14:13

  • Fixed a compile error of the config when Dynamic Helicrash Mod was installed

Version 2.0.5 - stable

30.04.2024 12:07

This update will break other mods depending on this mod! Make sure to apply the necessary changes
For modders to support both old and new Versions of this major update, you can use #ifdef LBmaster_Rework to check if the new version is loaded or the old
- The whole folderstructure changed
- renamed some classes (I tried to rename as few as possible to not break everything)
- No more Prints. All LBLogger methods
- replaced all GetGame() with g_Game methods
- all Menus now inherit the LBMenuBase
- No longer use MissionBaseWorld to pass method calls up the scope
- Plotpole ignore items now take baseclasses
- Made changed to prevent string corruption caused by engine bug
- remaining plotpole lifetime changed to fully lower flag
- adapted to new Core PBO
- A lot of missing translations
- All Layouts can not be changed with the LayoutManager
- Circle layer can now be changed via script to allow circle intersections and cutting edged for intersecting circles added via script
- config guide comments for automatic config guide generation
- plotpole setting to return the Flag Kit when flag is destroyed
- Upgrade Group Level benefits screen
- Territory config admin page
- Full No Build Zones admin page
- Translation for all admin menus
- a server crash
- a client crash when using the TP Here function
- circles might not be scaled properly when the screen is not 16:9 aspect ratio
- plotpole flags could be cut when attached to flags to grief player bases
- server nullpointer when a player was killed by an AI player
- plotpole positions might be logged on the client exposing enemy base locations
- some Logging prefixes were wrong
- member markers not updating on map menu
- member markers would not stick to player anymore
- GPS was not visible even when enabled
- support for no longer existing KOTH mod
- a lot of dead code
- loads of boilterplate code long replaced by core methods

Version 2.0.4 - exp

30.04.2024 11:04

  • fixed 2 possible nullpointers on startup

Version 2.0.3 - exp

26.04.2024 15:47

- Territory config admin page
- Full No Build Zones admin page
- Translation for all admin menus
- remaining plotpole lifetime changed to fully lower flag
- adapted to new Core PBO



Group System

  • Highly Optimized and constantly updated to be compatible with other Mods and for the best Server Performance possible
  • Clannames & Clantag
  • Chat System including Group and Global chat with group tags and custom colors
  • Invite Players
  • Invite Players for one Serverperiod
  • Hierarchy Clansystem with different Ranks
  • Subgroups | Firegroups
  • Leveling of Groups | Subgroups
  • Playerlist & Squadlist
  • Compass at the top of the screen
  • GPS / Minimap
  • Groupmembers on Map
  • Groupmembers in 3D Ingame
  • Groupmembers Logout postion on map
  • Groupmembers Logout postion in 3D Ingame
  • Playerlist with all Group Members, their health and distance
  • Cleanup of inactive Groups (time can be changed in the Server config)
  • A lot of settings you can adjust to exactly match your servers needs. Check the Config Guide to see all the config options you can change
  • Webhooks for all kinds of events

    Powerful Adminmenu

  • Overview of all Groups on your Server
  • Inspect Each Group
  • See all Group Markers
  • Change Group name and Tag
  • Level up / down any group
  • See all Group Members (name and Steamid + easy copy function), promote, demote, kick them or set them as leader
  • Delete groups with one click
  • Join any group you want (e.g. for support)
  • Highly customizable Permission System for each Admin
  • Add Static Server Markers Ingame easily
  • Add Temporary Server Markers Ingame easily

    Map & Markers

  • Map by LBmaster
  • Group Markers
  • Private Markers
  • Wide range of different and RGB colorised icons
  • Various combination of disable/enable Functions of Markers
  • High customizable settings (Distance | 3D | 2D)
  • Cycle through different 3D visibility presets by pressing K
  • Drag Markers to change their positions on the map
  • Edit Markers to Change name, Color and icon by double leftclicking the Marker or via the Marker Tab

    Basic Information Panel

  • Serverlogo
  • 6x configurable Buttons + Subtext + Hyperlink
  • Playercount
  • Ingametime
  • Servertime (Location)
  • Cursor Coordinates

    Compass & Tactical Ping

  • Tactical Ping with automatic clearing & 1x limitation
  • Compass
  • Shows Player direction
  • Shows Tactical Ping direction
  • Custom icon for every player to make it easier to identify who created the ping

    Client Settings Page

  • Change color of Player Markers
  • Change color Compass
  • Change color of Playerlist
  • Change Chat Position
  • Change Playerlist Position
  • Toggle GPS, Compass, Streamer Mode, Playerlist etc.
  • Change Position of Teammates 3D Marker (Head, Stomach, Feet)
  • Change Player 3D Marker (toggle Icon, Name and Distance)
  • Change Ping Marker Icon size


  • Groupchat for Groups
  • Globalchat
  • Option for Default Channel when Client joins
  • Auto Censor Bad words from a bad words list in the config (disabled by default)
  • Shows Clantags in Chat while writing
  • Highlights Ingame Admin & Support messages
  • Configure different Groups for Chat (e.g Admin, Support, VIP....)
  • Configure different colors for Servermessages and chat
  • Admins can mute single players for a specified time or even the whole chat
  • Groups can have custom colored Clan Tags (can be set in the Admin Panel)

    GPS / Minimap

  • Small Minimap centered on the player
  • Player Marker shows direction of the player
  • Option to display Coordinates, Direction (0Β° - 360Β°) and current Speed
  • Configure if an Item (like Compass) is required to have the GPS open
  • Configure if the should be a GPS present in vehicles like Cars
  • Force GPS to only work in vehicle to help players navigate
  • Change size of the Minimap in Client Settings
  • Minimap shows all Markers, which are visible on the 2D Map
  • Toggle GPS by pressing B


  • Clan Clothing
  • System which automatically assigns a player his Clanclothes
  • Automatically changes the texture if a external player wears the Clanclothes
  • Works with all items, that can be retextured and can be picked up by a player

    DLC - Flag Pole Extension

  • Extension for the Vanilla Flagpole (no new item is added)
  • Change the Radius player can build (Cylinder shaped radius)
  • Restrict access only for Group Members
  • Players with lower ranks cannot build in the area
  • Hostile Players cannot build (if configured)
  • Add exceptions e.g. for C4
  • Force Players to build a Flagpole before being able to build basebuilding objects
  • Option to enable instant build of the Flagpole
  • Option to automatically add a Flag and raise the Flag when Flagpole built
  • Automatically add a new Marker on the Map when Flagpole placed
  • Allow admins to bypass any build restrictions
  • Compatible with BBP (disable BBP builtin territory System !)


    DLC - Panels (WIP)

  • DLC - Panels
  • Playertab with Playerinformations
  • 1x Information Tabs to show Rules & more