Enhanced Banking (




Enhanced Banking Version 1.8.1

18.10.2022 16:19

- ATM preview might not show the correct ATM
- ATM Placement would not work

Enhanced Banking Version 1.8.0

18.10.2022 10:36

- Slider Widgets would not show the current value of the slider
- The Open Action for some ATMs was as the bottom instead at the display
- depositedCashIncreasePerMin was not added properly
- Webhooks can be configured for various different Actions
- Action to ATMs to edit their Config ingame
- Server Admins can interupt a currently running ATM robbery
- Server Admins Can place ATMs ingame via the Admin Panel (Default Keybind: O) -> "Place new ATM" button
- Server Admins can edit all ATM configs ingame now. No need to edit the ATMPositions.json config anymore
- Change Can Deposit, Can Withdraw, Can Rob ingame and all other ATM settings
- Server Admins can edit global Robbing Settings via the Admin Menu.
- All Configs can be edited ingame. Only Admins need to be added via the config file and importing from other Mods too
- robMinimalAvailableMoney from the Config
- Admin Entries can now have multiple Steamids so you don't need to have one entry for each Admin, but group them all together in one Permission Group (I don't automatically merge entries with the same permissions !)