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My Server is not starting with your mod

If you have issues with my mods, please have a look at my Scriptlog Uploader and upload your Scriptlog to check for errors. If you still have issues, make sure to join my Discord and ask for help there.

Where can I ask my Questions ?

The easiest way to ask questions is on my Discord. If you don't have Discord, you can still contact me via my Contact Page


Can I pay monthly instead of a one time payment ?

No, I used to offer subscriptions, but I do not offer it anymore, because it was making too much trouble to keep track of all the servers with a subscription. All currently active subscriptions will remain active, but I do not accept any new ones. You can howerer pay in rates with PayPal as an alternative.

Can I test Your Mods ?

Yes, you can test some of my Mods. Testing a mod can be understood differently.
  • You can always go on a Server with the mod installed and see how they setup the mod and how it works
  • I offer a Test Version for Advanced Groups for 30€ so you can test everything you want on your own server for 2 weeks
  • You can also buy my mod. You will not regret it ;)

How long will it take until I get the mod I bought ?

The payment process is fully automated so after the payment was complete, you will receive a confirmation Email with all the details and you can see the new Mod on the Customer Panel. Please check the Installation Guide of the mod you just purchased for how to install it on your server. If the mod requires a Server PBO and the PBO was not found, wait a few more minutes until it has been generated by the License Server

I lost access to my Discord account

When you lost access to your Discord account and you cannot login to the customer panel anymore, you can do the following things:
  • Try to contact Discord to recover access to your account
Or if there is no hope in recovering the account:
  • Create a new account and use the new account to login on my website. To transfer the products to the new account, you can claim them on the customer panel by entering the servername and license key you should have received via Email after you purchased the mod. If you did not receive any email, you can send me an email to confirmation@lbmaster.de from the same email you used to purchase the mods. Also include proof of buying the mods like a screenshot of the paypal transaction and which mods you had. Then I will send you the license key and servernames you need to claim the products. For how the claim process works exactly, check out This FAQ Entry

What is 1 DayZ Server instance ?

1 DayZ Server instance means, that this License is limited to one DayZ Server. This is not a limit per IP, but per DayZ Servers you have running. So having two DayZ Servers running on one IP still requires a License for 2 Servers. A product with a limitation of DayZ Servers always has the option to upgrade the same License to multiple DayZ Servers after you bought the base License. This can be done through the customer panel then.

What methods can I use to Pay ?

I'm currently offering a few different methods how you can Pay.
  • PayPal
  • PayPal Credit Card
  • Stripe Credit Card
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay (Only in google chrome when logged in to Google Pay)
  • WeChat Pay
  • EPS
  • iDeal


Can I use the mods on my Testserver ?

Yes, you can install the mods on your Testserver first. You also don't need an extra License. The Testserver does not count to the License limit as long as these four requiredments are met:
  • The Testserver is clearly marked as one by having something like "Test Server" in the Servers hostname
  • The Testserver has a password, which is not publicly known
  • The Max players are limited to a maximum of 10 players
  • The IP of the Testserver is whitelisted on the Customer Panel if it is different from the IP of your Main Server

Can my Co-Owners also get access to the Mod and Discord Role ?

Yes, you can give your Co-Owners access to allow them to whitelist IPs, download the Server PBO and receive the Discord Roles. Be warned, that you are responsible for any damage caused by giving the License Details to someone else. You need to send him the Servername and License Key from the Customer Panel. He then logs in on the Customer Panel and clicks on Claim Product at the buttom. He then enters the exact Servername and License Key and he will see the product on his Customer Panel and also receives the Discord Role a few seconds later by the Bot. Up to 5 people can have one License Claimed at the same time If the License is not added to the account after clicking on Claim, you either did not enter the exact servername in the field, the license key is incorrect or too many people have the license claimed. Make sure to remove any spaces from the servername and license key. They are both case sensitive !

I purchased a mod, but I don't get the Discord Role

Make sure to login with the same Discord account on my Website, which you also use in your Discord Client. So see how to add people to the License after is was bought, check Here

My Servername changed. What do I do ?

When your Servername changed, please visit The Servername Change page, select all Licenses you want to change the name for, enter the new name and click on submit

What do I need to do when changing to a different Server ?

Changing to a different Server is no problem. Make sure you have the new IP whitelisted on the Customer Panel How to install the Mod is the same as you did on your Old Server. Check the Installation Guide for how to install the mods on your new Server If you have a License, which is limited per Server and you need to run your new Server and old Server together for a short while, that is no problem as long as the time does not exceed 2 Days (48 Hours). Also See the Can I use the mods on my Testserver ? if you want to run your new Server as a Testserver first. Then you don't have the limit of 2 days

Advanced Groups

How do I change the Logo to My Server Logo ?

For help with getting the logo to display, refer to The Logo Creator In the MainConfig.json you will find the option serverLogoPath. This is the Option you are looking for. You need to enter the Path to the Logo here. Note: \ must be \\ or /. Otherwise the file will not be found. The Path is made of two parts: the PBO Prefix and the internal Path in the PBO. Example: PBO Prefix: LBmaster_Groups and internal Path: gui/images/logoplaceholder.edds. The full path would be LBmaster_Groups/gui/images/logoplaceholder.edds If you are not sure how to find the Prefix of the PBO (in most cases the name of the PBO without .pbo) take a look at the screenshot below (PBO Manager was used to inspect the PBO). Supported file types are .edds and .paa. This also applies to custom Icons.

How do the chat commands work ?

Here is a small list of commands added by the Chat mod and how to mute players:
Spaces in the Playername should be replaced by _
Name of the Player is caseinsensitive.
!mute [PlayerName] [Time in Minutes]
!muteid [Steamid or BIUID] [Time in Minutes]
!unmute [PlayerName]
!unmuteid [Steamid or BIUID]
!mutechannel [Channelname]
!unmutechannel [Channelname]
mutereloadconfig rereads the current ChatConfig.json. Which makes it possible to add Chat Admins while the Server is running or Change Prefix Colors or add Channels ...

!mutevote [PlayerName] -> All Players can vote for a player to be muted without admin. Important ChatConfig Variables: 
  - "enableMuteVote" enable / disable voting
  - "muteVoteMinPlayers" minimal Players for voting
  - "muteVotePercentile" amount of players, that need to vote for the player (e.g. 30 Players online and 50% need to vote -> 15 Players need to vote for the player)
  - "muteVoteMuteTimeMins" time the player will be muted if vote was successful

!mute LBmaster 20 -> Mute Player LBmaster for 20mins
!muteid 76561198141097113 20 -> Mute Player With Steamid "76561198141097113" for 20 mins (would find LBmaster)
!muteid 4e6J9rBov9EChLGlp-ckzyAbUh_tvlzXXBrFR7pSS-4= 20 -> Mute Player With Bohemia Interactive UID "4e6J9rBov9EChLGlp-ckzyAbUh_tvlzXXBrFR7pSS-4=" for 20 mins (would find LBmaster)

I want to change the layout of the Menu

You can easily add custom layouts by using the provided PBO and copy all layouts (the whole gui folder) from the Client PBO to the provided PBO and edit them how you like. After you finished editing the files, you can pack the PBO and add it to your Serverpack. You still need the Client PBO, but you don't need to modify it every time you want to update the Mod. LBmaster_LayoutOverwrite.pbo

I want to use my own Chat Mod

I've created a small PBO which you need to pack in your Serverpack. This PBO tells DayZ to not compile the scripts related to the chat at all, which then leave you with the vanilla Chat / your own Modded Chat LBmaster_GroupDisableChat.pbo LBmaster_GroupDisableChat.pbo.LBmasterPub_v3.bisign

Recommended size of the Server Logo

  • The recommended Size of the Logo is between 256×256 and 512×512 pixel. Supported formats are .paa and .edds
  • How to set the Icon is explained in the How do I change the Logo to my Server Logo section

Some Icons on the Map are rendered as white boxes

This happens when you have VPP Admin Tools installed, because this great mod overwrites my map and adds some new Icons, which are only present in the VPP Map Mod. There are two ways of fixing it:
  1. Download the MapIconFix_Original_Icons.pbo from here. This is on your own risk, because this PBO contains the original VPP Map Icons I asked DaOne, the creator of the Mod, if I can use his Icons or if he can fix it, but for me it seemed, he doesn't care. I would suggest leaving him a PM if you add this PBO to your Serverpack.
  2. Download the MapIconFix_Empty_Icons.pbo from here. This does not contain any material from the original VPP Map. I replaced every Icon with a invisible texture. So you don't have the white boxes, but also You don't have any special Icons.
MapIconFix_Empty_Icons.pbo MapIconFix_Empty_Icons.pbo.LBmasterPub_v3.bisign MapIconFix_Original_Icons.pbo MapIconFix_Original_Icons.pbo.LBmasterPub_v3.bisign

What are the default Group Permissions ?

A small overview of all Player Ranks and their permissions in the group can be found here:

Plotpole DLC

How do I install the Plotpole DLC ?

There are a few things you need to be aware of before installing the Plotpole DLC:
  • This System only extends the functionality of the vanilla TerritoryFlag item and does not add any new Items
  • This mod requires Advanced Groups and is designed to assign each Flag one group, so they don't have to add members manually like with other Mods
  • This mod should not be used together with other territory Mods like Basic Territories
  • Before you install it, make sure no TerritoryFlag exists on the Map or wipe the server completely
To install the Mod, open the ZIP file you get when you download Advanced Groups Client ZIP Then navigate to the @Serverpack\OptionalContent\DLC folder and put the PBO and the .bisign into your serverpack and upload it to the steam workshop. It's recommended to put it in the same serverpack as the rest of your mods After the server downloaded the mods and started again, you should see a plotpoleconfig.json, where you have to set the enablePlotpoleExtension to 1. Otherwise the DLC will not be active

How do I properly setup the Plotpole variables

The most important variables for the Plotpole are the flagLifetimeRefreshTime and the flagUptimeDuration They are analog to the FlagRefreshFrequency and FlagRefreshMaxDuration from the Globals.xml the flagUptimeDuration is how long the flag will take from 100% to 0%. Once the flag is at 0%, it will refresh all items around once more. the flagLifetimeRefreshTime does two things at the same time, which can make things a bit confusing if you are not familiar with the Plotpole system. Once the timer runs out, two things happen:
  • All items around will be refreshed. That means, all items with a higher lifetime will never despawn as long as the flag is up, because the lifetime it reset to the max when this timer runs out, before the lifetime of the object could run out.
  • This is the time when the Flag is visually updated. So that's the point where the flag will go down a bit. So be aware, that having this value set too high relative to the Uptime duration, you might end up with flags jumping from 100% to 50% in one go.
A good setup would have the following properties:
  • The flagUptimeDuration should be at least 5 to 10 times the flagLifetimeRefreshTime to not have too big steps when the flag is lowering.
  • All items, which should not be refreshed have a lower lifetime than the flagLifetimeRefreshTime.
  • All items, which should be refreshed have a higher lifetime than the flagLifetimeRefreshTime. Don't forget the TerritoryFlag must have a higher lifetime too !
Example Setup: flagUptimeDuration set to 30 Days (30 * 24 * 60 * 60 = 2592000) flagLifetimeRefreshTime set to 3 Days (3 * 24 * 60 * 60 = 259200) Lifetime of Basebuilding Objects, vehicles, Storage items and the TerritorryFlag too !! Otherwise the Flag will despawn before it could refresh the items: 4 Days (4 * 24 * 60 * 60 = 345600) Lifetime of all other Objects 2 Days or less (2 * 24 * 60 * 60 = 172800). Most of the items have a lifetime of 2 hours. Backpacks and some other items usually last a bit longer. That setup would have the following properties:
  • The flag will lower 10% every 3 Days (3 Days / 30 Days = 0.1 = 10%)
  • All Basebuilding items will be protected from despawning for 30 Days unless someone raises the flag again to start the 30 Days again.
  • Once the Flag is lowered to 0% after the 30 Days or someone lowered it manually, all items will be refreshed once more leaving the base with 4 remaining days until everything despawns.
  • In total the Base will remain at least 34 Days when not touched (flag raised or lowered) again by a player

My Items in the Territories are despawning

If the TerritoryFlag itself despawns, it could be, that the Territory Flag itself is not added to the types.xml properly. Check the section below for what to do. Be aware, that when a group is deleted, which happens when the last player leaves the group, the Flag lifetime will be reset to the time in seconds set in the PlotpoleConfig.json with the remainingFlagLifetimeWhenGroupDeleted parameter. That can be the reason why some groups loose their territory, when not claimed again with the Claim Flag action ingame There can be multiple reasons for items despawning in a Territory. First if check all your XML files are valid with a XML Validator to make sure DayZ can even read the file. Do that for your main types.xml and for all other types.xml you might have included via the cfgeconomycore.xml If the Item not only despawns when dropped on the ground, but also when stored inside a storage container even though the container did not despawn, then this is a very clear sign, that the mod adding the item or a mod changing the item is not configured properly. Most of the times the Mod does not have the correct requiredAddons set. When the item is not despawning inside storage containers, but only when droppen on the ground, then you most likely have a problem with your Types.xml. Make sure, that ingame the Item has a small Flag icon next to the name. If that is not the case, the lifetime of the object is to low or the object is not even added to the types.xml. The lifetime of objects muse be at least the flagLifetimeRefreshTime explained in the PlotpoleConfig.json. If you don't use the Plotpole DLC, then the FlagRefreshFrequency in the globals.xml would apply to your minimum lifetime. You should considder making it a few minutes or hours higher than the refresh time If you are still not sure if the item is really protected by the Flag, then with the Plotpole DLC enabled, it will print all protected item in the LBmaster log when the loglevel in the Logger.json is set to 5 or 6 and the server is starting up. Then check the LBmaster log and search for Refreshing item. You should find a few lines which look something like this: Refreshing item Fence with lifetime 45d 0h 0m 0s. Also you should have a line with TerritoryFlag lifetime and refresh frequency is configured properly in the LBmaster log. If that's not the case, you did not configure the lifetimes properly. Also make sure the TerritoryFlag is added to the types.xml Also very important is, to make sure the item is not added to the types.xml multiple times ! Otherwise this can also mess with the lifetime of objects

Spawn Select Lite

How can I only use the Sleepingbags ?

To only enable the Sleeping Bags and disable the normal spawns, you need to change the following Settings in your SpawnSelectConfig.json:
  • overwrite_default_spawnPos -> 0 to spawn the player at the vanilla Spawns
  • openSpawnMenuOnce -> 1 to open the spawn menu when respawning
  • forceOpenSpawnMenu -> 0 to not force the player to select a spawn
  • hide_when_no_spawns_found -> 1 to not show the menu when no spawns are found / No beds are placed
  • positions -> Clear all entries from the positions list ("positions": []) so no spawns are available when no beds are placed
  • Add the Sleeping Bags to your Types.xml

How do I add custom Sleepingbags ?

Adding custom sleepingbags is not that hard, but there are some requirements, you need to be met.
  1. You cannot use Items, which are defined by other mods and don't inherit my Sleeping Bag Class. Some Mods add sleeping bags, but they don't inehrit my sleeping bag class. Hwoy ou can still use them will be covered down below
  2. The PBO with the Sleeping Bags in it, must have LBmaster_SpawnsystemLite as a required addon. If you are not sure how it works, check the Example PBO down below
  3. You need to have two different Items defined. One inheriting my LBS_SleepingBag_Base for the Placed items and one which inherits LBS_SleepingPacked_Base for the packed version. Examples are in the PBO below
  4. Optionally you can have your own Hologram Item or you use the one you used for the placed bag
  5. To use the sleepingbags from other mods, you need to set the correct model in the config.cpp (see example PBO)
  6. Create a new script in the 4_World script folder with the following content, replacing LBS_Custom_Packed with the classname of the packed item and LBS_Custom_Placed with the classname of the placed item from the config.cpp
class LBS_Custom_Packed : LBS_SleepingPacked_Base {

    override string GetBagClassname() {
        return "LBS_Custom_Placed";

    override string GetHologramClassname() {
        return "LBS_Custom_Placed";
class LBS_Custom_Placed : LBS_SleepingBag_Base {

    override string GetPackedClassname() {
        return "LBS_Custom_Packed";
  1. Pack the PBO and load it
The Example PBO can be downloaded Here

The spawn menu opens when logging in

When the spawn menu opens even when the player already spawned somewhere, then the player logged in near the spawnPos set in the SpawnSelectConfig.json The spawnPos is used to spawn the player somewhere near the edge of the map to show him the spawn menu or teleport him to a spawn zone. When you have forceOpenSpawnMenu enabled, then the menu will always be opened again when logging in near this position (~100m Radius) to prevent people from pressing ALT + F4 to exit the game and then join again. This is the reason why players will see the spawn menu when logging in near the position set in the config. You can either set overwrite_default_spawnPos to 0 to spawn the players at the vanilla spawns, but then players can do ALT + F4 to get out of the game and get around the system. OR You place the spawnPos somewhere where no player can get to. This can either be a zone at the edge of the map surrounded by walls or something flying in the air


How do I reset the Leaderboard ?

To reset all player stats, you need to navigate to the settings on your Server in CF Cloud and go to the Dangezone at the bottom and click on Reset game statistics

Where is the Server ID for the Config ?

Enhanced Banking

How can I use custom ATMs ?

To add custom ATM models ingame, you need to make sure the ATM inherits the LB_ATM_Base class in the config.cpp of the item. If you don't have control over the config.cpp of the item, because it is included in another mod in the workshop, you need to create your own config.cpp with the same path to the same model of the mod. This config.cpp must be packed into a pbo, signed and uploaded to your serverpack. Here is an example what you would need to write into the config.cpp. Make sure the model="path/to/the/model.p3d" is correct and points to your custom model. You also might need to add hiddenSelectionTextures.
class CfgPatches {
    class CustomATMModels {
class CfgVehicles {
    class LB_ATM_Base;
    class Custom_ATM_Name : LB_ATM_Base{
        model= "LBmaster_Groups_ATM\items\ATM\atm.p3d";
        hiddenSelections[] = {"texture"};
        hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"LBmaster_Groups_ATM\items\ATM\atm_co_green.paa"};
        isLBAtm = 1;

Raid Alert

How do I setup Raid Alarm Webhooks ?

To setup Raid Alarm Webhooks ingame, you need to do the following steps:
  1. Go to your Discord Server
  2. Create a Channel where you want the messages to be sent to or just use an existing channel
  3. Edit the Channel and navigate to Integrations
  4. Click on New Webhook or use an existing one
  5. Click on the Webhook, give it a name and icon
  6. Click on Copy Webhook URL and paste it ingame via CTRL + V while editing the URL
If you need a video explaination, check out this Youtube Video