Virtual Garage

Virtual Garage DayZ Mod
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Virtual Garage 60.00€

License Type: One time Payment for Unlimited


Version 2.2.4 - stable

09.06.2024 10:12

  • added workaround for sticks spawning when parking in vehicles

Version 2.2.3 - stable

07.06.2024 16:30

- Admins can now always dump vehicles of other player no matter if it's disabled in the config or not
- Changed some UI element sizes
- Pin length could not be changed in the admin menu

Version 2.2.2 - stable

06.06.2024 23:12

  • added another workaround for mods causing vehicles not restoring properly

Version 2.2.1 - stable

06.06.2024 22:36

  • minor bugfixes with new admin panel

Version 2.2.0 - stable

06.06.2024 21:20

- incompatibility with Rus Forma Vehicles
- a little more detail to the logging when parking in vehicles
- Admin Page for General Settings
- Admins can open player garage with the garage.access.everyone permission and admin mode enabled at a garage sign
- Admin Actions in garages of other player do no cost any money and have a little less restrictions checked



  • Player Garage Kit
  • Advanced Groups Integration for Group Garages
  • Enhanced Banking Integration to allow the money to be taken from the ATM and not only from the Player inventory
  • Garage can be placed by Admins
  • Easily add new Garages ingame with the Garage_Sign_AdminSetupKit
  • Simple Garage Admin Menu (add yourself as admin in the config)
  • Preview the spawn location and modify the preview camera easily from the Admin Menu
  • Garages can be assigned to different Groups with custom Settings. All Garages with the same Group will share the same vehicles.
  • Groups configure the following settings: name, withdraw cost, deposit cost, various key settings, save Inventory, vehicle whitelist (e.g. to have separate Heli and Ground Vehicle Garages), Item Blacklist (e.g. c4 or money), Level (more vehicle Slots)
  • vehicles take up 1 slot by default (can be overwritten per vehicle e.g. to balance their physical or inventory size)
  • Keys supported (config value for garageKeys setting): None(0), Trader(1), Much Car Key(2) and Expansion(3) (no extra addon needed)
  • Garage Levels are saved per Group and upgrades can cost money configured in the config
  • Option for players to dump their old vehicles if no longer used or if a key is required to withdraw the vehicle and the key is lost
  • Raid options for Base Garages and other Garages in savezones (can all be disabled / enabled via config)


  • Vehicle reskins in the Garage Menu configurable via the ClanClothing config of Advanced Groups