Spawn System Lite (




Core Version 1.2.3

18.06.2024 16:26

  • fixed a server error log entry when closed
    - added "remote logging" to send information to my servers with information to fix issues before they were reported. This is only used very rarely and can be disabled in the logger.json if you with to opt out of sending these messages to my servers. Messages are automatically deleted after 30 days and only used for debugging purposes

Core Version 1.2.2

12.06.2024 22:03

- Configs, which should only be synced with admins were sent to everyone
- Update config guide for LastLoadouts.json

Core Version 1.2.1

12.06.2024 21:00

  • saving the last loadout a player spawned with to show in the loadout edit menu when clear inventory is disabled

Spawn System Lite Version 4.0.4

08.06.2024 19:00

- Moved loot Presets to core PBO and added Admin menu for it in the core PBO

Core Version 1.2.0

08.06.2024 18:59

- Loadout Editor Admin Menu (only used by Spawn Select)

Core Version 1.1.4

07.06.2024 16:13

- Reworked first loading of files in the file selector to prevent being kicked
- Files in the file selector as now sorted by alphabetical order
- file path at the top can now be edited and used to access folders directly

Core Version 1.1.3

07.06.2024 13:31

  • minor changes for Enhanced Banking update

Core Version 1.1.2

06.06.2024 21:12

  • preparation for new Virtual Garage Update

Core Version 1.1.1

05.06.2024 23:19

- Problems with Virtual Garage admin menu leaving Park area after closing the menu
- Chat Admin Menu could not switch channels and prefixes to edit them

Core Version 1.1.0

03.06.2024 08:22

- Scripted Widget Handlers for better modularity. This includes ItemPreviewRotation Helper, Steamid validators and number validators
- Warning for most config pages when some settings are changed, but not saved
- Log Level SPAM (7), which prints even more info than VERBOSE (6)
- Pretty Printing function for enum names
- More String compare operations
- Webhooks Admin menu
- Check if gropu tag should be visible for Killfeed Mod
- Copy Icon
- Player Select Dialog for Admin Menu
- Admins could have lagspikes when opening the admin menu, because all configs were requested again
- Linking variabled and widgets now supports arrays
- slightly improved performance of permission checks