Spawn System Lite


Item Pack Version 1.0.0

25.07.2022 15:06

- 2 Garage Parking Meters
- 1 Wooden Box configured to be held in the Players hands
- 2 New Sleeping Bag Models
- 7 Old Sleeping Bag Models
- 2 Packed versions of the new Sleeping Bags
- 1 Packed version of the old Sleeping Bags

Spawn System Lite Version 2.4.0

17.06.2022 12:34

- new Common config LBmaster/Config/Common/Icons.json to change icons of the Notifications sent to players
- new currencyPrefix and currencySuffix in the currencies.json
- Fixed Keybinds not showing with a description in the Controls Menu
- Logo for the Modlist

Spawn System Lite Version 2.3.0

11.06.2022 17:41

- 1.18 Compatibility changes
- All Configs are now in LBmaster/Config/SpawnSelect and all Data has been moved to LBmaster/Data/SpawnSelect so wiping will be extra easy by just deleting the LBmaster/Data folder
- Sometimes the BedConfig would not find the Sleeping Bag entry preventing players from setting up SleepingBags

Spawn System Lite Version 2.2.0

23.05.2022 22:12

- New Spawn Position Option spawnAtExactPosition. This disables the spawnRadius and places the player at the exact position without any height or collision checks. Can be useful for spawning players in custom mapped areas
- Admin Menu Option for spawnAtExactPosition
- Small Demo mod on how to add your own Sleeping Bags LBmaster_SpawnsystemLiteBagExample.pbo this will also have some more explanations on my FAQ Page
- GetHologramClassname was not used in the script
- Entering Fullscreen with ALT + Enter would close the Menu even if forceMenu was enabled

Spawn System Lite Version 2.1.0

23.03.2022 12:09

- force_exact_spawn_pos can be set to 1 to make the player spawn exactly at the position set in spawnPos. DayZ sometimes teleports the player on top of buildings. Enable if you have this issue
- hide_when_no_spawns_found default set to 1 will not show the spawn menu, when the player cannot select any spawns. Useful if you only have sleeping bag spawns and only want to show the menu if the player can spawn at a sleeping bag
- Removed Stack dumps, which look like crash log entries