Spawn System Lite

Spawn System Lite DayZ Mod
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Spawn System Lite 50.00€

License Type: One time Payment for Unlimited


Version 3.6.2 - stable

05.03.2024 00:26

- player could get out of spawn menu even with force spawn menu enabled

Version 3.6.1 - stable

01.03.2024 22:11

  • fixed house spawns for TB Real Estate not showing up

Version 3.6.0 - stable

21.02.2024 23:49

- spawncounttracker.json to track if players respawned and how often they respawned
- firstJoinOpenedMenuSpawnpoints entry in the Spawn Select config to show different spawn points on first server join
- Logging in nearby the spawn_pos with open spawn menu or force open spawn menu would no longer open the menu if players already respawned

Version 3.5.7 - stable

20.01.2024 22:29

  • fixed spawn signs invisible

Version 3.5.6 - stable

16.01.2024 20:46

- possible nullpointer when player respawns at sleeping bag



  • Menu to choose from List of Spawnpoints
  • Individual Cooldown for every Spawnpoint
  • Cooldown is saved ServerSide and cannot be circumvented by relogging and also saved through server restarts
  • Help your Players to spawn where they want any not need to kill their characters over and over again to get the spawnpoint they want
  • If Players die in a certain radius around the spawnpoint, they cannot spawn there anymore
  • Force players to select spawn or add a Sign in your Spawnzone with an action bound to it to open the menu
  • Overwrite default Spawn to your Spawnzone if needed
  • Sleeping Bags to set Bed Spawns players can setup in their Base
  • Configurable cost for spawnpoints, which can be removed from the Bank (currently only Enhanced Banking is supported)
  • Spawn Signs to allow players to open the menu from anywhere, where a spawn sign is placed. Can be used to setup teleporting between safezones
  • Require a spawn ticket for spawning at a Spawn sign to require people buying / finding a spawn ticket to be able to select a spawn
  • Compatibility with TB Real Estate Mod to show House spawns in the menu
  • Admin Menu to setup new spawns
  • Admin Menu to change Sleeping Bag behaviour