Spawn System Lite

Spawn System Lite DayZ Mod

Spawn System Lite 50.00€

License Type: One time Payment for Unlimited


• Menu to choose from List of Spawnpoints
• Individual Cooldown for every Spawnpoint
• Cooldown is saved ServerSide and cannot be circumvented by relogging and also saved through server restarts
• Help your Players to spawn where they want any not need to kill their characters over and over again to get the spawnpoint they want
• If Players die in a certain radius around the spawnpoint, they cannot spawn there anymore
• Force players to select spawn or add a Sign in your Spawnzone with an action bound to it to open the menu
• Overwrite default Spawn to your Spawnzone if needed
• Sleeping Bags to set Bed Spawns players can setup in their Base
• Configurable cost for spawnpoints, which can be removed from the Bank (currently only Enhanced Banking is supported)