Killfeed (




Killfeed Version 0.1.8

18.11.2023 03:45

- some modded weapons could crash all clients when appearing in the killfeed

Killfeed Version 0.1.7

16.11.2023 16:29

- TripwireTrap would not recognize who placed it at all and always show BOT
- Traps would not save who placed them, which is now done through the profiles/LBmaster/Data/Killfeed/trapplacements.json. Instead of saving it in the persistence files to prevent broken persistence files for this small fix, it's saved in the extra json file any synced back on server start. This could also be used to find all traps placed down by players if you wanted to

Core Version 0.1.7

16.11.2023 14:05

  • some code restructuring
    - added new functions for AG update

Core Version 0.1.6

13.11.2023 15:21

- minor code refactorings

Killfeed Version 0.1.6

06.11.2023 11:30

- don't kill the server when the kill history.json could not be read when DayZ crashed while the file was written. Instead the file will just be cleared with a message in the logs, that the history.json could not be read

Core Version 0.1.5

06.11.2023 11:18

  • Minor code changes. Make sure to update all other mods for compatibility !

Core Version 0.1.4

19.10.2023 12:23

- Function for Spawn Menu to not open mutliple times

Killfeed Version 0.1.5

17.10.2023 14:31

- Added victimKillstreak parameter in the OnKillstreak and OnNextKillstreakAnnoucement method, which is made to be overwritten. The new variable holds the killstreak of the player, who got killed. Otherwise there was no way to get it, because it was already reset before the method was called

Core Version 0.1.3

17.10.2023 14:19

- Added own OnInit function in MissionBase to workaround mods like Custom Huds breaking my Mods by not properly overwriting the OnInit method.
- Admin placement base menu to allow placement of ATMs and Garages from a menu replacing the Garage Admin Kit
- some more Admin Menu functionality for more consistent Admin Menu pages

Core Version 0.1.2

12.10.2023 17:53

- Filesystem explorer to select any file