Advanced Groups (




Core Version 1.0.7

06.05.2024 16:31

  • fixed a bug related to loading configs affecting loading of credit card info for Enhanced Banking

Advanced Groups Version 2.0.7

03.05.2024 16:52

- circles were not calculated properly on some screen resolutions
- groups not saved when the Data folder did not exist
- Left Panel on the Map now stays the same size also on wider screens for a cleaner look

Core Version 1.0.6

03.05.2024 16:49

  • fixed issues with files not saved

Advanced Groups Version 2.0.6

01.05.2024 14:13

  • Fixed a compile error of the config when Dynamic Helicrash Mod was installed

Advanced Groups Version 2.0.5

30.04.2024 12:07

This update will break other mods depending on this mod! Make sure to apply the necessary changes
For modders to support both old and new Versions of this major update, you can use #ifdef LBmaster_Rework to check if the new version is loaded or the old
- The whole folderstructure changed
- renamed some classes (I tried to rename as few as possible to not break everything)
- No more Prints. All LBLogger methods
- replaced all GetGame() with g_Game methods
- all Menus now inherit the LBMenuBase
- No longer use MissionBaseWorld to pass method calls up the scope
- Plotpole ignore items now take baseclasses
- Made changed to prevent string corruption caused by engine bug
- remaining plotpole lifetime changed to fully lower flag
- adapted to new Core PBO
- A lot of missing translations
- All Layouts can not be changed with the LayoutManager
- Circle layer can now be changed via script to allow circle intersections and cutting edged for intersecting circles added via script
- config guide comments for automatic config guide generation
- plotpole setting to return the Flag Kit when flag is destroyed
- Upgrade Group Level benefits screen
- Territory config admin page
- Full No Build Zones admin page
- Translation for all admin menus
- a server crash
- a client crash when using the TP Here function
- circles might not be scaled properly when the screen is not 16:9 aspect ratio
- plotpole flags could be cut when attached to flags to grief player bases
- server nullpointer when a player was killed by an AI player
- plotpole positions might be logged on the client exposing enemy base locations
- some Logging prefixes were wrong
- member markers not updating on map menu
- member markers would not stick to player anymore
- GPS was not visible even when enabled
- support for no longer existing KOTH mod
- a lot of dead code
- loads of boilterplate code long replaced by core methods

Core Version 1.0.5

30.04.2024 12:04

This update will break other mods depending on this mod! Make sure to apply the necessary changes
Update all other mods to the latest versions aswell!
__For modders to support both old and new Versions of this major update, you can use #ifdef LBmaster_Rework to check if the new version is loaded or the old__
- Removed all prints and replaced with LBLogger
- consistent Loggin Prefixes
- changed all GetGame() functions to g_Game
- files now only contain a single class and have the same name as the class
- changed UIScripted Menus to LBMenuBase
- added functions to send Translated strings with placeholders since BI will probably never add the function
- some menus were closed even when force open was enabled
- reworked the whole folder structure
- all layout paths have been moved to LBLayoutManager
- added support for persistent menus used by Advanced Groups Map menu
- Menus direcly process RPCs now
- translated the whole mod
- merged some util classes and renamed them
- fixed possible string corruption statements ( )
- direcly bing keybinds to opening a menu
- changed how admin pages are registered
- fixed sometimes multiple admin menu categories would expand
- using an external tool to format everything in a consistent code style
- deleted a lot of boilerplate code and dead code
- Item Selector and File selector dialog now accept the entry with double click for more convinient use
- added backup files, which are fully handled by the core pbo
- automated config guide generation
- reworked the warning popup for Advanced Groups
- Method to send RPC from Server to Server
- Warning popup can now be a standalone menu
- Menu Parameters might not be the correct one for the menu causing issues like Spawn Menu not properly opening
- added some more generic code for less boilerplate code

Core Version 0.2.15

21.03.2024 17:28

- method to play sounds on client from server for Skin system update

Advanced Groups Version 1.18.4

18.03.2024 13:07

- Expansion Quest Markers would not be visible on map

Advanced Groups Version 1.18.3

13.03.2024 18:29

- new groups could not invite players

Core Version 0.2.14

13.03.2024 14:01

added new functions