Advanced Groups (




Advanced Groups Version 1.15.4

17.11.2023 12:15

- Reverted config.cpp changes from merging Plotpole DLC hopefully fixing compile errors with GameLabs

Advanced Groups Version 1.15.3

16.11.2023 18:17

- Switching Channels would not show the proper Channel Name
- Chat config version was not automatically increased to add new config parameters

Advanced Groups Version 1.15.2

16.11.2023 17:28

- nullpointer when writing a message

Advanced Groups Version 1.15.1

16.11.2023 16:53

- Slow mode time set to 0 would always tell the client slow mode remains 1s instead of being disabled

Advanced Groups Version 1.15.0

16.11.2023 16:28

- Chat History of the last 100 Messages received
- Color preview of the Battleye message color, channel color and Prefix color
- Slow mode for chats
- Admin Permission to ignore the Slow mode
- Slow Mode seconds can be changed in the admin menu. Changing the name of the Channel will reset the timeout for all players !
- Muting Channels via the Admin Menu would not be synced with the server properly
- Muting Channels would be reset after server restart
- Safezone Markers would always show the admin tag even when the player had a different name than specified in the ingameNameForPermissions parameter and should be displayed as a normal player
- Moved the whole Plotpole DLC code into the main LBmaster_Groups PBO and only activate it via ifdefs when the Plotpole DLC PBO is loaded. This should not break any existing code based on the Plotpole DLC and also solved some issues with the previous system. Especially when updating the mod, it's no longer required to also update the Plotpole DLC, because this no longer contains any code (this only applies to all updates after this update). Also Server Side code has always been in the Server PBO anyways and this also solves the Conflicting addon LBmaster_GroupDLCPlotpole in 'LBmaster_Groups\', previous definition in 'LBmaster_GroupDLCPlotpole\'
- That means you need to replace the Plotpole DLC pbo one last time with this update. Oterwise you will get compile errors !
- Implemented some more translations and translated some more strings. More will come with the next updates

Core Version 0.1.7

16.11.2023 14:05

  • some code restructuring
    - added new functions for AG update

Core Version 0.1.6

13.11.2023 15:21

- minor code refactorings

Advanced Groups Version 1.14.19

06.11.2023 11:28

  • New core compatiblity changes

Core Version 0.1.5

06.11.2023 11:18

  • Minor code changes. Make sure to update all other mods for compatibility !

Advanced Groups Version 1.14.18

03.11.2023 10:14

- Reverted all the recent plotpole changes to an older working state
- nullpointer when not properly overwriting some layouts spamming the players crashlog
- Static Markers with the same UID would only appear once in the Marker list. Even though you should not use the same UID for static markers, this system could be abused to have one marker with a name as the first marker in the staticmarkers.json and the position is outside of the map. Then you can have more markers only with the same icon and color to mark more positions of the same type on the map without cluttering the map with a lot of markers (for example extraction points, trader positions, cement mixer positions, ATMs) etc. The cool thing about it is, that players can switch the markers on and off in the marker list all at once since that will check for the UID of the marker.