Virtual Garage (




Core Version 0.1.7

16.11.2023 14:05

  • some code restructuring
    - added new functions for AG update

Core Version 0.1.6

13.11.2023 15:21

- minor code refactorings

Virtual Garage Version 1.12.3

06.11.2023 11:29

- Batteries would be refilled when restoring a vehicle and saveInventory was disabled
- Nullpointer when vehicles.json contains vehicles, which don't exist

Core Version 0.1.5

06.11.2023 11:18

  • Minor code changes. Make sure to update all other mods for compatibility !

Virtual Garage Version 1.12.2

24.10.2023 19:54

- Attachments were not repainted when a vehicle was restored from the garage item when saveInventory is enabled

Core Version 0.1.4

19.10.2023 12:23

- Function for Spawn Menu to not open mutliple times

Virtual Garage Version 1.12.1

18.10.2023 14:42

- Compatibility with Rus Forma motorcycles mod
- newly bought vehicles did not create new keys when withdrawing it from the garage and createNewKeyWhenWithdrawing was disabled

Item Pack Version 1.1.7

17.10.2023 14:23

  • Updated Garage models

Virtual Garage Version 1.12.0

17.10.2023 14:21

- Option to enable selling vehicles at garages
- selling vehicles can be turned on and off the same way like buying vehicles. So each config group can have a setting for selling vehicles at admin placed garages of this group and player placed garages
- sellPrice for each vehicle in the vehicles.json. Set to 0 by default and set to 1000 when generating the config again
- Webhook when a vehicle was sold
- Admin Menu Page to place down admin garages like the ATMs from Enhanced Banking
- Set Spawn Area action to the Admin Garages to make placement easier. Minor adjustments can still be made to the Spawn area by opening the Edit Config Menu of the garage and changing the coordinates
- made garage signs retexturable
- Garage sign admin kit replaced with new admin menu page
- Setting up spawn areas on non Flat areas could trigger false positives in the collision check with the surrounding objects

Core Version 0.1.3

17.10.2023 14:19

- Added own OnInit function in MissionBase to workaround mods like Custom Huds breaking my Mods by not properly overwriting the OnInit method.
- Admin placement base menu to allow placement of ATMs and Garages from a menu replacing the Garage Admin Kit
- some more Admin Menu functionality for more consistent Admin Menu pages