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Core Version 0.0.5

02.05.2023 14:22

- Date formatting was not accurate sometimes

Virtual Garage Version 1.11.4

02.05.2023 14:18

- canRepaintVehicles would not disable repainting
- garage could not be deleted
- the vehicle Whitelist did not work reliable

Virtual Garage Version 1.11.3

25.04.2023 22:02

Virtual Garage Version 1.11.2

23.04.2023 20:54

- Vehicles could not be restored sometimes
- Vehicle capacity reached even though the garage had space
- switching from buy menu back to garage, would result in restore button being bugged
- switching from buy menu back to garage, would result in store, pack, rest pin, upgrade slots and dump vehicle button not being shown
- vehicles could not be repainted when buyCost was set to -1, even though repaintCost was setup properly
- there was no check if vehicles can be repainted to a specific color
- vehicles.json file was saved on every server start even though nothing changed
- further delayed generation of vehicles.json to let NW Helis fully load. Otherwise the server might not start after reading mission
- stolen vehicles did not have any attachments
- vehicle dupe bug
- personal and group tabs were visible when opening hacked menu on linked garages
- stolen vehicles were shown on hacked vehicles menu
- minor garage menu display issues

Virtual Garage Version 1.11.1

21.04.2023 20:53

- server not starting with NW helis
- vehicles could be bought even though they are set to buyCost = -1
- hacked vehicles could not be stolen