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Core Version 0.0.5

02.05.2023 14:22

- Date formatting was not accurate sometimes

Enhanced Banking Version 1.11.5

19.04.2023 21:58

- preview Item was not deleted from 0,0,0

Core Version 0.0.4

19.04.2023 16:14

- implemented new RPC Handler
- Extended Linker class
- general restructuring

Enhanced Banking Version 1.11.4

20.03.2023 12:02

- Players would not receive money to their inventory even if they had space
- When filtering players on the admin page, it could happen, that the account details were not shown
- ATM Robbing UI would show 0s when 1m 0s was remaining
- robbingReminderFrequencyMinutes to set the interval when a robbing notification is resent (5 mintes by default) set to 0 to disable
- robbingReminderNotificationMessage Message, which should be sent as the reminder message
- Option spawnRobbedMoneyAtATM (default set to 1 for all ATMs placed) to spawn the money at the robbed ATM instead of the player inventory. Set back to 0 to spawn in the player inventory again
- money_spawn Memory point to define where to spawn the money on the ground for custom ATMs. Or overwrite the GetMoneyDropLocationLocal() Method in the ATM script class.

Core Version 0.0.3

20.03.2023 12:00

- Money can be spawned on ground
- Sycing Admin Mode enabled to test for it server side