Enhanced Banking (




Enhanced Banking Version 1.10.0

13.12.2022 16:23

- New Option to Obfuscate Player names in the Transfer Menu to prevent players from abusing the transfer menu system for checking online players
- Playername Obfuscation can be changed in the Admin menu
- Playernames will change to the plain name after the player restarted the game and opened the Transfer menu again while the added players were online
- Added all CreditCardConfig options to the Admin Menu
- Added Permissions for admins to change Credit Card Options
- Stored Money on the Credit Card was not displayed
- Max Money for the Credit Card was not displayed
- Enabling canSeeBalanceWithoutPin would basically disable the Credit Card Pin
- canSeeBalanceWithoutPin set to 1 will now properly display the money of the Card before entering the pin
- Credit Card Balance was not saved, because the CreditCards folder was not created automatically

Enhanced Banking Version 1.9.1

30.11.2022 23:05

- Transfering Money to other players could result in a negative account balance

Enhanced Banking Version 1.9.0

13.11.2022 14:16

- disableToPlayerTransfer to disable the new Player Transfer option
- Player can now transfer Money between eachother at the ATMs (can be disabled with disableToPlayerTransfer)
- Configurable Transfer Fee for each transfer and/or how much money is transfered
- ATM Friends List to easily find the player you want to transfer to
- Money Can be transferred to offline players
- Transfer Menu, which shows the online players and friends list. Together with how much money will be transferred and the estimated transfer fee
- Transfer can be enabled/disabled in the Admin Menu
- Transfer fees can be changed in the Admin Menu
- You need to toggle the ATM Admin mod on (Default Key: U) to see the "Edit ATM" action ingame
- fixed Nullpointer on money drop to bank
- Mods which added Money to the ATM though a specific method would not add money

Enhanced Banking Version 1.8.2

21.10.2022 22:55

- Admin menu would open for all players online
- Orange ATM would appear Green

Enhanced Banking Version 1.8.1

18.10.2022 16:21

- ATM preview might not show the correct ATM
- ATM Placement would not work