Enhanced Banking


Enhanced Banking Version 1.8.0

17.06.2022 12:36

- new Common config LBmaster/Config/Common/Icons.json to change icons of the Notifications sent to players
- new currencyPrefix and currencySuffix in the currencies.json
- Fixed Keybinds not showing with a description in the Controls Menu
- Logo for the Modlist

Enhanced Banking Version 1.7.0

11.06.2022 17:43

- Moved define.c file to a separate folder (scripts/Common)
- 1.18 Compatibility changes
- All Configs are now in LBmaster/Config/LBBanking and all Data has been moved to LBmaster/Data/LBBanking so wiping will be extra easy by just deleting the LBmaster/Data folder

Enhanced Banking Version 1.6.0

18.04.2022 14:57

- Removed CF dependency used for Time calculation
- Paycheck message will no longer appear when receiving 0$
- Required Changes for Advanced Groups Robbing Markers
- Extended Translation to more UI elements